Ground Fishing

It's not uncommon for us to land 1,000 pounds of fish per trip with 5 or 6 fisherman aboard.  Big Cod, Haddock, Pollack, Cusk, Hake, Monk, and Red Fish are just some of the fish that you WILL catch.  We use custom made rods built to Capt. Jim's specifications, Shimano Trinidad 40 Series reels, with 100 pound test power pro line.  We custom build all of our tackle in our shop.  This is one of the reasons we catch fish!

Kevin the Portland mailman went "postal" on this cod fish!!!! 52lbs!!! Nice fish kevin!!!


401 lbs tuna on the Atlantic Adventurer WOW!!!


This is "Big Haddock Harry", renamed "Big Pollack Harry" after landing this 40 pound record Pollack.  Harry is one of our regular fisherman.  Warning!  If he is on the boat, do not get into the big fish pool!

"Big Haddock Harry", up to his old tricks again with a"Maine State Trophy" 35 lb Cod!! Another NICE fish Harry!!!


Another happy guest on the Atlantic Adventurer!

32 lb Maine State Trophy Hake!


This Huge Hake made for a memorable

"father daughter" day!

38 lbs


Chandra Roast

producer of

"American Traditions Outdoors"

Maine State Trophy Hake

46 lbs!


II Mate Jeff Boothby

with ANOTHER "Maine State Trophy" Hake. 32lbs!!

Nice fish Jeff!!


We KNOW there are going to be big fish landed when the "Wilkies" are in town!!!

"Maine State Trophy" Hake!!! 42lbs


Lots of fresh Cod and Haddock for supper with this group.


The Berry sisters from Louisiana out fished the guys on this trip. 32 and 30 pound Pollacks!  Nice job girls.


"Big Cod Bob", one of our regulars caught this 32 pound Cod.  Nice fish Bob!


The boys out fished Dad on this trip.  Lots of big Pollack and Cod!


"Big Al" has so much fun fishing with us, he delayed his departure from Maine so he could fish another day.  Good job, Al! 
He told his wife he "missed the plane".


This group had only fished on larger "cattle" boats without catching any fish.  They are now customers for life!  Nice job Geno.



Great day!  Family from Newfoundland and a writer from New York and his girlfriend.  Lots of fish and 150 pound Thresher Shark.


Some of our regular fisherman with another big catch on the Atlantic Adventurer.
Another great day of fishing with some of our "local regulars". 


Jim Howe and his guests for a great day in the Gulf of Maine.  Jim is one of the best fisherman I know, and fishes with us at least once a week.

The girls rule this day with this 40 pound Pollack.  Nice job.  Lots of big fish this trip.

WOW!  Big catch this day on the Atlantic Adventurer.  Over 1,000 pounds of fish with only 5 fisherman!  Yes, we do catch fish!


Captain "Jim" and the Atlantic Adventurer are well known in Portland and South Portland for catching fish.  No wonder the locals turn out to see the catch of the day down on the dock.


Captain Jim fishes on every trip!  This was his biggest Cod of 2009.  52 pounds, nice fish Captain!


Captain Jim with a 40 pound Pollack he caught off the bow.  Nice fish Captain!


Captain Jim Begley "Beggs" of the Indian II and life long friend. With a nice Wolf fish, Great eating! (2008 photo)